Can't edit the state of an icon

I inserted an icon from Articulate's library to use as the Next button. Not sure why, but I can't edit it's state. I have edited the state of other icons downloaded. Are there some that won't allow this? Why? How do I know which are editable? I want the Next button to be disabled until criteria have been met, but the Edit States button is grayed out.

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Michael Gallagher

Some of the library icons are one object and others are groups of objects. When you insert an icon, look at it on the timeline. If it's a single object you can create states. If it is a group object do the following:

  1. Ungroup the icon.
  2. Select all but one of the objects that make up the icon.
  3. "Cut" the objects you have selected.
  4. Select the object left on the screen after the "Cut"
  5. Select the "State" Tab
  6. Select "Edit States"
  7. Paste the objects you cut into the "Normal" state
  8. Now you can add/edit states (you should create new states based on the "normal" state so that all of the objects carry over to each state.