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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jim!

Unfortunately, emailing results is not a built-in feature in Storyline. However, there have been quite a few posts on this topic and some really great suggestions from other community members. I'm going to share some of the threads here, just in case you haven't seen them already.

Emailing Quiz Results in Storyline without LMS

Gerry Wasiluk said:


Please see this thread:  http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/12738/86871.aspx

Because of various browsers and difficulties in sending e-mail these days, you may want to do something different.  Jeanette suggested that in a previous thread:  http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/13158/78032.aspx#78032

You could consider using Google docs to create a Google form and insert that in Storyline as a web object.  The results get written to a spreadsheet that you can download to evaluate completions.

See Tom's Screenr:  https://player.vimeo.com/video/204869861 or this online doc: http://storylineauthors.com/?p=951

Nice alternative for those without a LMS.