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Dennis Hall

Hi Christ:

I understand, you are describing captions you placed in the story.

I would not recommend the method you are using for this. The reason is that if a user clicks on teh mp4 while playing, it will pause. Your captions will then be out of sync with your movie. SL creates the captions as individual SWF files also located in the sotyr_content folder.

I recommend using an external program to create the MP4 with the captions in it so audio (if any), captions, and video remain in sync. Also other video creation products can allow you to create Captions inside the MP4 file. Camtasia Studio works best for me.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christ,

Exporting the screen recording to an MP4 is only available for videos on a single slide, so not to capture the captions on a step by step slide. You could use another tool like Dennis mentioned, and Replay is free with a Storyline license and allows you to do screen recording and publish to an MP4.