Can't figure out a trigger firing issue

Hello Heroes,

I've got a shape that's the color of the background to hide a menu when a specific button is clicked but to reveal it when a different set of buttons is clicked. It works perfectly when the user doesn't click onto another layer.

If I've clicked a radio button "True" it hides the shape and reveals the menu box. Then, lets say if I click "instructions" it'll change layers and display instructions. When I go back to the base layer, and change my response to "unknown" (which is supposed to hide the menu box that popped up), it doesn't work. The menu stays visible.

What setting is preventing that trigger from firing? Is it in the layer properties? Or am I not doing something in the correct order?

I've uploaded a single slide from my project, so please take a look.

Any help would be appreciated,



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Jesse Spinella

Yes, I do. I double checked and on the Unknown button, it says: Change state of BEReveal to Normal when the user clicks. BEReveal is the name of the shape that hides and covers up the Best Evidence menu.

And it works when you don't click instructions, or hit check answer before choosing best evidence if you're selecting a true or false answer. At that point, an "Incomplete" window pops up and tells you to choose the Best Evidence. That's on another layer too.

Jesse Spinella

The Best Evidence is in a scrolling panel because within the project, there are multiple tests, and this one just happens to not have more sentences than the box can display. The paragraph's in other tests are longer, and as such there are more sentences. Made for easier duplication of the slides.