Can't figure out conditions to trigger layers using number variable

I am building an interaction manually. If you know of a way of having a "pick many" interaction where the answer is "none", then that is probably a quicker way to solve my problem than the below! :-)

I have three radio buttons representing possible answers. Learner is told to choose any answers that are correct. The answer is that none is correct so they should just click submit.

I want the learner to be allowed to have 3 attempts. I have a number variable with a default value of 0 and a trigger to add 1 every time the submit button is clicked.

  • If they select none, show layer Yes!
  • If they select one or more, and have had 1 or 2 attempts, show layer Maybe.
  • If they select one or more, and have had 3 attempts, show layer NO! which will then give them the answer and move them on to the next slide.

I cannot for the life of me figure out the conditions I need to set. I have tried every permutation of counting attempts, greater than, less than. I can either get it to trigger the NO layer no matter what the learner selects, or to show Yes when nothing is selected and then get stuck in an infinite loop and showing the maybe layer when one is selected. The attempts are being counted correctly from what I can see.


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Christina Clark

Oh my goodness, after an entire afternoon spent experimenting and reading threads in this forum, I have found the answer. No need for a "none" option, just simply put the trigger for the incorrect layer on the try again layer, count attempts, and reset base layer to initial state. Phew! 

This screenr by the wonderful @Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro has all the details.

Christina Clark

Thanks, Michael! That works beautifully.

So I can see that for the Yes layer you've been explicit in saying "no button selected" in the conditions. That's the important part I was missing, as well as moving the trigger for the No layer to the Maybe layer. I don't think I would ever have thought of that.

Thanks again!