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Confused with navigation (client request). I have 2 images (groups) on the screen. If the learner clicks first on the image on the left, navigation goes to the next slide. If this was the first image selected, the learner would return to slide 1.1. and select the image on the right (scenario 2). If the learner selected the image on the right as her first scenario to view, she would return to slide 1.1 to view the scenario on the left. BUT... if she selected the image on the right as her second  choice she would advance to the next slide. How can I set up the navigation to determine which scenario the learner selected first or second. See ATTACHED. I've included notes on my slides. Any help would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.  

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Rhona,

If you create two True/False variables, Picture1Selected and Picture2Selected, which are initially set to False, you can then adjust these variables to True when their respective pictures are selected.

Note that the variable must be changed before you jump to the next slide, so trigger order is important.

When you select the button to leave your next slide/scenario, you can then use the condition of the variables to determine whether you return to Slide 1.1 (only one variable is True) or jump to the next slide (both variables are True).

I hope this makes sense, but if you have any other queries, just post them here.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Rhona,

When I sent my first post I was unable to access your Storyline file as I was working from my mobile phone. I have now had a chance to look at the file and in version 2, attached below, I have incorporated the method I outlined above.

If you have any queries, just get back to me here.

Rhona Miller

Hi Ned—

Thanks for your help. I’ve got it working correctly, I think. Couple of quick questions:

1. Is there any way to add a check mark on slide 1.1 to indicate the learner has already viewed a particular scenario (eg, scenario 1; scenario 2)?

2. Do I need to create a new scene to navigate to the next slide (2.1) in my file, or can I incorporate it into the existing scene?

See my file ATTACHED.



Ned Whiteley

Hi Rhona,

Both of these are quick fixes - see attached revised version.

1.  I have added two check marks to the first slide which are initially Hidden. They are changed to Normal when the timeline starts for the slide provided their respective PictureVisited variable is True. You will probably want to make them smaller and may even wish to use a different image, but the principle is the same.

2.  You don't need to have a new scene for this to work. I have simply dragged the New Slide into your original scene and deleted the second scene from the course.