Can't figure out why triggers/variables aren't working

Mar 19, 2021

This module has video excerpts in which the results of a survey are presented. We thought it would be cool to have learners take the survey as well and then see how their responses compare to the survey participants' responses. I've done this using variables, so they answer the question, and then when watching the video, a marker will appear based on their responses.

For example, if they previously indicated that radiology was their first choice (Slide 1.8, variable Choice) and that they strongly disagreed with this statement (Slide 1.11, variable Slider5), a yellow marker would show their choice here on Slide 1.18:

However, I can't get this to work on Slide 1.19. The markers on the left show up as they should, but nothing appears on the right, even though I've triple-checked my variables and triggers. I definitely need another set of eyes on this!

The marker on the left is triggered by their response on Slide 1.8, variable Choice. A marker on the right should be triggered by certain responses to both Slide 1.8 (variable Choice) and Slide 1.13 (variable NewChoice). 

Please help! I've attached the file here.


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