Can't find quiz review feedback template/slide/design?

Hey guys,

I am wanting to update the formatting and design of the feedback for quizzes.

1) For a multiple choice question, it shows the basic red "incorrect" for wrong answers...where is this layer to edit??

2) Even when it shows as incorrect on review, it will put a checkmark next to the right answer....can I move the checkmark?

3) There is also a player prompt I think it might be that I'm trying to edit the design of. I only have the submit button enabled on the quiz slides and if they don't choose an answer, it pops up and tells them in a basic white box that the question must be answered before continuing....where is this found to edit??


- Jenny :)

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Jenny,

The easiest way to do this is to select your quiz slide, go to Slide View, select the layer you want to edit and then click on the Edit link in the top right corner:


This will enable you to edit the appropriate Feedback Master.

You can also do this by selecting Feedback Master from the View menu:

Jenny Graham

There are so many things wrong with my post-assessments that I don't know how to fix :/

Editing the review feedback, the quiz results slide isn't calculating correctly, it's not resetting the results if you had clicked review first and then go to click retry, i keep changing the radio buttons to black but it keeps making them red, i don't understand what's going on with it...please help!

Ned Whiteley

Hi Jenny,

I'm afraid I am away from my laptop for a while and only have internet access via my phone, so don't have access to Storyline. However, I will have a look at your issues when I can later on.

As you are having so many issues relating to your Results slide, one thing you may want to try is to delete your Results slide and then add a new one. This should reset the variables, result calculations and "Try Again" options and may cure the problem.

Hope this helps in the interim.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Jenny,

Please disregard my earlier email as there was an issue with the video link. This one should work!

I have now had a chance to have a look at your Storyline file and have created a short Peek video here to hopefully help you get back on track with your Results slide. It explains how to delete your current Results slide, insert a new one that will score your quiz correctly and also how to format your new Results slide.

If you are still having issues once you have viewed the video, please don't hesitate to get back to me.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Jenny,

Once you have created your Master Slide set (which you can keep adding to if you need to), all you have to do to use it in a project is to go to the point where you wish to insert your slides (for a new project, just click on the first slide), select Slides / My Templates from the menu, select the template you want to use, select the slide (or slides, using CTRL + click) you wish to import into your course and click Import.

This will now place formatted versions of those slides (title slides, quiz questions etc) into your project ready for you to add the text and/or images that you require.