Can't find the course I created in Storyline 360


I recently created and exported my first course in Storyline 360. I've since realized that I need to make some changes, however, when I go back into Storyline the course doesn't seem to be there (it's not showing any files under recent, or anyplace else that I can find). Where can I find my course to make changes? 



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Kenneth Mangako

Hi Raelan,

I'd like to help. It seems you have published the first course. Do you remember the filename of the course? If yes, i'd recommend running a windows search using the filename. The search bar is usually on the taskbar or on the left lower portion of the screen depending on what type of windows version you are using. 

Also, you may check file explorer feature of windows. Projects created in storyline 360 have a .story extension ex. "firstcourse.story" you may use this as part of the search term. 

Hope this helps. :)