Can't get a 'Draw from Question bank' to reset to initial state


I've pulled the relevant slides from my project and attached them here. Could someone take a look? You'll have to answer three questions chosen randomly from a 20-question question bank before you either get told you have to 'End' or you can 'Play Again'. Regardless of which option you choose, what I'm finding is once you go back in to try answering three new questions you end up getting the same three questions you answered the first time.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Elo,

Thanks for sharing your file! I love the beautiful game and I even learned a thing or two from your quiz.

I jumped in to see why you aren't receiving new questions when you select ‘Play Again’. In the Results Slide, try adding a Reset results trigger under the Play Again button, then move it above the ‘Jump to’ trigger. Next time you retry, this should reset your quiz and you should receive a new batch of questions. Hope this helps!