Can't get text field for username to printout

Feb 25, 2019


I have a text field at the beginning of the course for the user to enter their name.  at the end i added a print button and ask that they print to pdf file.  They are able to print the results to a pdf but it is not showing the slide where I have the text field for their user name.

How can I get this to print on the pdf of the results?


Thank you 



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Dawnetta Hauger

I forgot to mention that i do have the text Variable added to the results slide.  When you go through the course and get to the Results slide the user name does appear on that slide but when you print to printer or pdf the slide does not print the user name.  I can get it to print if I add to the trigger to request the user name when they click to print.  But this means I am asking for the user name twice.  


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dawnetta! It sounds like you're using the Print Results feature on your results slide. This feature generates a separate report of quiz results that will open in the learner's browser. It doesn't print the actual Results slide, however.  You'll need to check the option to prompt for the learner's name to include it on this report.

Alternatively, there is a JavaScript function you can use with a trigger to print the actual Results slide.  Here's the help we offer with JavaScript.

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