Can't get the Review Layer to display in a Drag and Drop Quiz

Hi heroes - I have a 1 question drag and drop quiz/game. I set up a Review Layer for the Quiz Review Mode, but when I test it the Review Layer does not display.  My forehead is getting sore from beating my head on this one:)  I've attached the source file;  if anyone has suggestions I'd sure be grateful.


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Vincent Scoma

Hey Gregg,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your file! Hopefully, we can help relieve your forehead pain. 

I reviewed your quiz, and a possible idea is to have your Review Layer on the Quiz Results slide. When learners get to the Results slide, they can click on the Review button, which will reveal your Review Layer. I am attaching a sample .story file that shows the trigger/layer added to the Quiz Results slide. 

I'm also curious what design tips and ideas folks in the E-Learning Heroes community have to share!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!