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Michael Hinze

Hi, sorry I can't offer a solution.

I had the same problem with Flash-based Storyline content (AND content created with another tool that shall remain unnamed) on my Galaxy SII device. The Storyline text entry box would not bring up the device's keyboard. The other tool's text entry did pop up the keyboard, but it couldn't be dismissed again once the textentry was complete. I then tried the same file published in HTML5 ( I know that Storyline's HTML 5 output is currently not supported on Android, but I tried anyway) and while the text entry displayed and dismissed the keyboard correctly, I ran into other issues.

Michael Hinze

Hi Jon, in my tests I had problems with Audio and video. Bothe were very slow to load and 'sluggish' when played. Keep in mind, I only had one device (Samsung Galaxy SII with Android 4.1.2) to test. Because the Android space is so fragmented, with so many different devices, Android versions and browser versions, I'm sure that other users will report different issues (or no issues at all). I also tried converting HTML5 content into an Android app. While the conversion worked, it didn't make a whole lot of difference vs. the browser-based HTML5 version.

By the way, here is a screenshot of my test file with an image, marker, text entry box and scrolling panel and the keyboard being up when the text entry box is clicked. On my device, the content was scaled down to make room for the keyboard, I would have expected that the content remains unchanged and the keyboard overlaps the bottom part of the content.