Can't Interact With Objects With Mouse

My organization migrated to Windows 7 yesterday. My Articulate SL and Replay were reinstalled. They opened fine, but I didn't try to interact with a project. Today, when I opened the story I was working on prior to the migration, I can select objects - text boxes, images, shapes, etc. - but I cannot move them or resize them with my mouse. Left, right, and center click doesn't do anything except turn the cursor into a plus. If I attempt to move an object, I get the 4 arrows like normal. When I click to move it, I get the plus cursor and nothing happens. I can move things if i click the arrows on my keyboard. If I press delete on my keyboard, the object will be deleted as normal. I can add new objects, but after I've added them, I cannot interact with them with my mouse. I can add triggers to objects and I can add layers without issue. I can add new scenes. The problem is just with interacting with objects on the slide.

I have tried multiple projects and they all act this way. I restarted SL and then rebooted my machine twice, but that didn't help. I am running Update 7: 1410.2419. I have a 64-bit WIN7 machine running on 4GB RAM. Much thanks in advance!

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