Can't navigate imported Articulate Engage in Storyline 3

Hi Guys,

Need help :(

I imported an Engage file in my Storyline 3, but I can't control the navigation (PREV and NEXT) buttons to progress with my SCORM.

Please see attachments. Screenshot, Engage and Storyline file.

Thanks in advance.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Erwin.  Thanks for including your files for me to test!

I published your Storyline 3 course for Flash with HTML5 as a fallback.  I used the Next button successfully to advance slides, to tab through the interaction steps, and to get to slide 3.

Here's my output on SCORM Cloud.

I published the course with your default settings.  Did you make any changes to the Player Menu settings?  Tell me about your navigation settings:  free, restricted, locked?