Can't navigate in Published Storyline Course - Preview works fine

Jul 24, 2013

I have developed a short demo in Storyline. I can navigate using the menu and next and prev buttons in Preview but when I publish to web I can't move between pages without hanging. This happens in several browsers when launching story.html  on my desktop  (prior to uploading to web). I have the latest version of Flash player. 

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Niall Watts

Leslie. Thanks for your reply. It seems to work fine on the web so I think the problems are caused by local security restrictions as you suggest and as in

I always liked to test locally before uploading but now I know this does not work with external content (which makes sense). So in future I will just preview and then view published content on the web. Ideally, the 'Open Folder' option in the 'Publish Successful' dialog should include a warning to this efffect

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