Can't print page in Storyline 3

Currently working on a project in Storyline 3 for a client and I can't seem to print slides. 

I've tried window.print(); and both sets of code from the elearningfreak link that was provided in the best practices page for using JavaScript in SL3. 

Is there something that I'm missing or doing wrong? When I export the file and test in SCORM Cloud, and click on Print in the player it doesn't do anything. 

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Fannie May Alba

Hi Charley.

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes Community.

Please see the tutorial on how to Print ANYTHING in StoryLine by Owen Holt. He discussed about: 

  • Using the "new tab" in the player properties to execute javascript lines in a simple way.
  • He also showed how to create a button similar to navigation buttons if you're a Storyline 3 or 360 user. 

I hope you can find this helpful.