Can't remove color background from imported template slide

Dec 14, 2012


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I have created a custom Slide Master that I can apply by right-clicking on any slide and selecting Layout. I am importing an interaction slide from the Templates menu in Storyline. The problem is that when I try to apply my layout to the imported template slide, there a blue background appears and I cannot get rid of it.  I even tried deleting the Slide Master that came over with the Template slide, but the blue background remains. Here is what happens:

1. I import a template slide from the New Slide menu item.

2. The slide has a blue background that is not an element in the Timeline, so I apply my Custom Layout (with a white background) to replace it's native Layout.

3. The result is below. My Custom Layout does appear, but the blue background is still there and I cannot get it to go away. This happens with all the slides I import from the Top Interactions template. Help!!

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