Can't reorder slides in Story View

Hi -- I'm a newbie to Storyline.  I've created my first project, a simple scene with 6 slides.  For some reason, the slides are displaying out of order in the Story View -- slide 1.6 Denials is showing right before slide 1.5 Amount, and I'd like that order to be reversed.  I've tried dragging and dropping and the blue arrow appears, but the slide what move.  What is odder, however, is that in the published version of the project, the slides do in fact appear in the correct order. 

The project is attached below (I think!)

I also have another question re a problem getting a layer to show when hovering, but I will post that separately.


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Phil Mayor

Hi Rochelle

This is related to the order of the objects on your menu slide in the timeline, if you move the button that links to 1.5 above 1.6 the slides will be reordered, TBH this doesnt matter except for aesthetic reasons

You may also want to look at your next slide triggers or remove the next slide buttons

Meg Fairchild

I just experienced this same issue. It didn't matter that I had turned the menu off and it didn't matter that I had removed all triggers and next slide buttons. Storyline wouldn't let me reorder any of the slides in my story. For this particular project it was really more than just an aesthetic issue because leaving it as is would have meant scenarios like jumping from scene 2 to scene 8 back to scene 2 again. While I could have edited the menu so that the user didn't see this jumping around, anyone who went to edit/update the .story file in the future would have to waste time trying to figure out what the heck was going on. 

The solution: save, close and reopen the file. All fixed now.