Can't save the value of variable when resume where I left off?

Hey, everyone

I created some questions with a variable used like score(it's not a final quiz, juste a score +1 when succes). I set this slide as "when revisiting" "resume to saved state". Normally STL will save the values of variables, EXCEPT it can't save the values of the slide you are actually on when you exit.


1. I had a value of score : "1" and I closed the module

2. I relaunched the module and choose YES for "Would you like to resume where you left off?"

3, I was of course sent back to the same question but the value of score was reset to "0"

I noticed that someones mentioned this bug for a LONG TIME, is there any solutions ?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Lei -- Thanks for your question and sorry to hear of your troubles! It looks like similar questions were posed in the discussions below. Please take a look at let us know if any of the ideas offered will assist with what you have in mind:

lei Speeder

Thanks Christie for your advise! Saving the pregression, that's a very good idea. But it seems that the learner must go to another slide to save the value of variable. In my case, learners may close directly the navigation window. So it can't really solve my pb :( But THANKS very much for your help :)