Can't score 100% with all correct answers for quiz

Hi Everyone, 

I created a scenario branching interactive end of course quiz. For some reason, I can't score 100% on the quiz even with all the answers correct. Due to the nature of this quiz and numerous scenario paths, it allows the learners to come back to the same page (i.e some slides are reset to initial state). I understand that this will affect the review and show incorrect answers, but when all answers are correct, the highest score I get is 80% out of 100%. Please help.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Faith!  I think what Phil is asking is that if there are questions being tracked by that results slide that the learner may never see.  Since you have a branching quiz, is it possible that all the questions visited in a branch are answered correctly, but questions in another branch of the quiz aren't answered at all?

Feel free to share your file with me here for a closer look!  If you need to keep it private, you can send it along to me using this link.

Faith Jack

Hi Crystal, 

Thanks for your help. I believe there might be 1 question that the learner may not see if they follow a particular path. Good call out. I'm not sure I can get a 100% through this way though as I've tried the quiz following other paths and still not being able to score 100%.  I have uploaded the project for your review via the link you provided. Thanks for your help.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for sharing your file, Faith!  It's a really cool activity.  I have an idea that might be easier for you to manage for scoring.

When the learner chooses an "incorrect" path, maybe they can see a layer, instead of another slide.  Since they need to pass with 100%, keep them from submitting and moving to another slide until they get the answer correct.  For example, in the phone ringing scenario, perhaps the "voicemail" and "important info" choices can be put on layers rather than new slides.  Then, the only choice that will submit the interaction is to "answer the phone," the correct choice.  

This way, instead of risking that learners will miss questions that are still tracked by the results slide, you'll know that the only way they can advance is by eventually answering correctly.  It's a bit of work to get things changed up, but it might be better in the long run!

Let me know what you think.