Can't stop the base layer from show in slide layer during preview

I am building training and using buttons to go to slide layers and another button to go back. During preview, everything worked great for the first two slides with buttons (not all slides have the buttons); however, on the third slide and every slide with layers through the rest of the training story there is an issue. The base layer looks good, I press the button to go to the slide layer and it comes up but the base layer is not hidden. Yes, I have the "Hide objects on base layer" checked. If I press any buttons on the slide layer they work but now the base layer shows and the layer shows on the new layer. I have tried going to the timeline and separately checking off the base layer's items so they don't show but that did not work either. Why is the base layer not disappearing during preview and how can I fix it.

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Emily Ruby

Hello John, and welcome to Heroes!

This does seem odd as the base layer should not appear if you mark the Hide objects on base layer, and hide other slide layers in the slide properties.

Please make sure you are working locally as described here.

Also, you could attach the file using the paperclip icon if you would like us to take a look at the slides.