Can't translate one text label - it's not on the list!

Aug 07, 2014

Hi all,

How can I translate this text label: "here are some useful links and documents" from the Resources tab if it's not on the list of text labels that can be translated? This is the only one missing!

Thanks for helping.

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Antony Snow

Hi Sofya and welcome to Heroes.

You're right, this isn't a text label but is the description text for the Resources tab, which can be customised via the Player.

Click on the Home tab on the ribbon across the top of your screen and select 'Player'. When the Player Properties window opens, click on the 'Resources' button and you will see the 'Description' text at the top.

Kevin Mc

Would it make sense to include that line as part of the text labels and apply a generic translation to it the same way 'Next' , 'Back' etc are translated?

I too encountered this error which causes a delay in completing a given language.

Should I say 'Feature Request'?

I have to check if this issue persists in Storyline 2.