Can't uncheck slide layers

Mar 15, 2016

I am very new to Storyline and I am running into an issue when building in slide layers.  I am able to create the new layer, add a trigger to bring it up, and add my content.  My issue is that I can't uncheck the new layer from the bottom left panel to get back to working on my base layer.  I feel like I must be doing something silly wrong, but I can't for the life of me find an answer.  Is it something wrong with my computer or I am missing something?

Thanks for any help! 

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Shane Ingram

When you say, "My issue is that I can't uncheck the new layer from the bottom left panel to get back to working on my base layer" are you actually working on the layer?  Or are you previewing the slide and want to get back to the base layer from the new layer?

If you are working on the layer and want to go back to the base layer, click on the image of the base layer in the working panel:


Christie Pollick

Hi, Kari -- Many thanks for your question and welcome to the community! May I ask if you have had a chance to review this information on Working with Layers? You may also want to share your file here so that we can take a closer look at what you have described. 

In order to upload a file here in your post, simply click on the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and you will be able to browse from there! :)

Kari Webb

I am working on a slide, not previewing.  I have added a "video layer" with a trigger to bring it up.  However, once I click on the video layer, I can not uncheck that box to get back down to my base layer.  Again, this is not an issue when I am actually previewing it, only when I am trying to edit and work on them.  In the image attached, I cannot uncheck the box that says "video layer".  

Ali Goulet

Hey Angela,

Thanks for including that screenshot- definitely odd!

I have a couple suggestions to try first:

  1. If you haven't done this already, go to your View tab and select Redock All Windows as shown here: 

  2. If that doesn't do the trick, can you verify that your DPI (dots per inch) setting in Windows is set at 96? Here's how to check that for your version of Windows. 

Keep me posted! 

Angela Jiron-Mendoza

I have a few more issues. I am doing a drop and drag to build a sub, however when I drag and drop my sauce (see image 1) it doesn't land on the bread. Image 1b is where I'd like it positioned. I've changed the setting for the target properties to center but it pushes it out.
It does the same thing when I try to place the sautéed onions (see image 2) on the bottom of the bread (image 21b is what I would like it to do). And one more issue, I would like to place an image that is not part of the recipe to get an incorrect answer (image 3) but I'm not using the correct setup. If you could give me assistance I would love your help. I need to update a few subs doing the same process.

I've looked at a few tutorials and was wondering if I should be using triggers for this type of work or is it better to use the Freeform feature?

Thanks for your time,

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Angela, thanks for sharing your file! I think I got the images of the onions and the sauce to land where you'd like them to. Take a peek at your file I attached here. 

The setting "snap to center" can be tricky, since it snaps the center of the drag item to the center of the drop target. You'll have to adjust the image in the "Drop Correct" state until it fits perfectly on the sandwich. :)

You won't need any triggers to change the state to Drop Correct/Incorrect--Storyline does it all for you. Simply add every drag item (even the incorrect ones) into form view. Incorrect drag items should have "None" for the drop target.

This is a really fun interaction! Good luck on the rest of it, and let me know if you have any other questions. 

Angela Jiron-Mendoza

I have a couple of issues. 1) I'm trying to drop the steak into a target (dip basket) and change the look as if the steak is in the basket when dropped, then it will need to be clicked on again and dragged onto the bread. 2) After placing the last ingredient onto the bread I'd like to have the completed sub (all ingredients) to be able to drag as one item on top of the oven and then the oven glows as if the sub is getting toasted. Is this possible? 

Thanks for your time,



Angela Jiron-Mendoza

Hello. I actually got it to work a different way. I was able to adjust the Steak to drop into the dip basket and then to place it onto the bread. I used the Form view for the settings and changed the State of my images. I decided to have them click on the oven and then created an image to lay over the completed sub to glow, that would show the toasting through the oven. Look forward to what your designers come up with, thanks again for your help.


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