Can't use the base layer

Hi all.

I am putting together a course where users get guidance by hand language when answering some questions. Problem is that if I want to replay the sound and movie by clicking the hand button, the layer won't replay. I made a special version for the actual question where I have included a buttons but would prefer a simpler version for the Choice layers.

For one layer I have added two triggers that say: Play media when timeline starts. Also, I have marked reset to initial when revisiting.

Why won't the layer replay when clicking on the button again? When hovering over the hand button the mouse cursor switches to a hand cursor at least.

Do I really need to add buttons to all layers to make it work?



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Michael Hinze

Hi Gustav, I think the layers in your file won't replay because they are not closed at the end of their timeline and that's why don't 'restart'. See attached file. I added triggers to the 'hand' icons to first hide the layers before the Show riggers are called. That seems to work. Hope that's what you wanted.