Can't view Storyline showcase demos

Hey folks,

Has anyone else had problems viewing the Storyline showcase demos? I've tried Firefox (my default) and IE and all I get is a blank page with a non-stop loader going around and around.

My specs are:

OS = Windows 7 64-bit SP1

Adobe Flash Player 11

Browser 1 = FF 5.0, Ad-Block disabled, Flash Block disabled

Browser 2 = IE 9 (32-bit)

Browser 3 = IE 9 (64-bit)

I can view other Flash movies, so it isn't Flash per se.

Storyline looks like it might be amazing but I can't even view the output created by Articulate. Anyone have any ideas?



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Jill McNair
Jeff Salus

Thanks Jill. Yep, those are the links I cannot play. I just tried in Firefox's "safe mode" too, which disables all custom Firefox add-ons. No luck. I browsed to to ensure that Flash still played, though, and it did. So, again, the issue doesn't appear to be Flash itself. This is disappointing.

I'll try from another computer. Perhaps there is something on this computer that's causing the issue.


Jeff Salus

Hi Brian,

I am using Windows Firewall as well as my router's firewall. I disabled the Windows Firewall but still could not view the pages. I am able to view them from another machine (running XP Pro SP3 and FF 3.6) on the same internal network, so the router is not blocking anything.

I also disabled my antivirus software because it runs a proxy that is uses to monitor Web traffic. But even with that disabled, I am still unable to view the demos. I can reach the pages on Amazon -- the loader (the lines zipping around in a circle) displays for the demos -- and I don't get any error messages, such as 404 or a server-side 500 type error.