Can't view the notes in Text-to-Speech

We have a peer review process for reviewing our e-learning sessions before they get published to ensure the quality of our learning is consistent.  When I review the Storyline 360 sessions, I am unable to view the Notes in the Text-to-Speech window (screenshots attached).  I used to, but recently I've lost that capability.  I just updated the application, but still no luck.  Any suggestions? 

Thank you!

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Scott. Happy to look into this!

To start, I'm having trouble recreating this behavior in a test Storyline 360 (Update 34). Here's a short recording of what I saw! A few questions so we can explore our next steps:

  • Is this happening with any Storyline file or a particular one?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing an affected .story file for testing? You can share it privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it after taking a thorough look!
Anita Jenkins

Hi Katie,
I believe I may have the same issue as Scott. I have some training material from our parent company that we need to review and update for the relevant countries. I have just upgraded Storyline to the most recent version. I have then exported the relevant file to a word doc for our team to review rather than Review 360 as they need to see all the slides whilst reviewing however the notes / text to speech verbage is not listed under notes in Storyline or visible in the Word doc.  I am not aware of how to add text to speech any other way so not sure how this was added.

Can you hide the notes?  If so, how do you display them again?

Can you advise what the issue may be and the work around it?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Anita!

I'm happy to help! Text to Speech wording is not included when publishing to Word, so you'll want to make sure this text is included in the notes section.

Secondly, it's simple to display the notes in the Word document! You'll want to make sure Include Slide Notes is checked in the Publish window.

If you prefer watching a short tutorial to understand these steps, feel free to click this link!