Can the correct selections of a Pick Many freeform question be made using triggers?

Greetings E-L Heroes
I realise that I need to give over my problem-solving frustration to people who are likely to be stronger at multi-select freeform questions.  :-) 

Note: the numbers listed below match the screen captures that I have attached.

I have built a Pick Many freeform question slide (1). On the slide is four buttons (2) - each opens a different layer from which the learner can pick up information about four support options they have available at work. The next button (3) runs the Submit trigger. To achieve the correct answer the learner would click on all four of the buttons.
Multi Select Quiz - base layer

However, the process of opening and closing four layers was tedious for the learner. To overcome that, I added a NEXT and PREVIOUS button (4) to each layer. Then, I used triggers to register that each button on the base layer had been clicked if the learner cycled through the layers using the NEXT and PREVIOUS arrows (setting each of the four buttons on the base layer to the Selected state if it wasn't already Selected).

Multi Select Quiz - layer with trigger

Clicking the Next button (triggering the Submit Pick Many) displays the Correct layer feedback however the %Results.ScorePoints% does not increment (it should increase by 5 points).

I would be terrifically grateful if anyone knows what I might be missing to resolve the user score not incrementing when the slide seems to be registering that the learner has submitted a correct answer.

With thanks, Greg

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Walt Hamilton

I took some shortcuts in the attached sample, but at the end, I get 5 points. Click on the top blue box, which takes you to layer one, then click on the blue arrow to traverse through the layers. The last one submits. Warning: credit isn't given until the timeline of the layer ends, which takes a second, so don't click through too fast.

Greg McInerney

Thanks heaps, Walt, for the effort you have put into creating a solution.
I could be looking in all the wrong places however I cannot see an attachment.
That said, I can follow the logic of your description and I like the creativity of your solution. I will have a shot at implementing it now.
Much appreciated!