Can the default settings in Trigger Wizard be changed?

Hi, Team.

Here are the settings that come up when a new trigger is created:

Action: Jump to slide

Slide: Next slide

When: Timeline starts

Object: (Slide)

Is it possible to change these defaults? Almost all of the triggers I create use the following settings; it'd be a real timesaver to have these come up automatically:

Action: Jump to slide

Slide: Next slide

When: User clicks

Object: Next button

Is this possible?



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Victor Madison

Jeff, this default for buttons just drives me crazy because I forget to change the action until I see it in action when I review a slide with a new button.  This makes absolutely no sense to have a button default to "when timeline starts".  

Although this has been reported over 6 years ago, it still exists and is very annoying and counter productive.