Can the object itself move?

Hi all,

Is is possible in Storyline 2 to create objects that move?

I don't mean a motion path, where the object moves across the screen, I mean that the objet itself is doing something.

So for instance: I mark something on the screen and learners see me mark it: they see the beginning of a line and within half a second or so they see a finished line.

Or is something like that to be created outside SL2 and then inserted? As Flash?

Thanks for any help!


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Roy van de Graaf

That works fine, Phil, but I guess only for underlining text.

Not for instance when I would like to circle text, meaning I start left, then move right slowly working my way up at the end, go round and turn to the left, thus finishing the circle.

Is that kind of effect possible too? Can I make that elsewhere and insert it?