Can the same set of quiz questions be linked to more than one result page at the same time?

Hello all,

I have a course with quiz questions set up as shown below:

The course (story file) has three sections of quiz. Each section has 5 questions, and also has their own result pages (Result page 1, 2, and 3). On these result pages, learners can review but not retake. Then I have Result page 4, linked to all 15 questions. On Result page 4, learners can retake but not review. 

Therefore I found that I am linking each section of quizzes to two Result pages. It appears to work at first, but then I found a few issues:

1. Every time when I made changes to any of the questions, I would lose its link to the Result page - meaning that I have to go back to "Edit Result page" and click on the check box to add the question back. Sometimes it would cause that linked result page lose all its linked questions, even I only made one change to one of its linked questions. 

2. Somethings have been acting funky - such as:

Please advise. 

Thanks a lot. 

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Maggie Hu

Update:  in order to solve the problems I mentioned in the other two posts above, I deleted Result page 4 and manually created a result page without linking it to the questions. 

However, the problems with the review function still exist - which means these are not caused by double linking result pages. I still don't know why the review quiz function is acting like this...