Can the Seekbar be set to move Right to Left?

Hello everyone,

We are creating a course in Storyline version 2 that will need to be translated to Arabic and would like to know if there is any way to change the Seekbar to move right to left. We already understand changing the player settings so that the text reads right to left along with modifying the text labels accordingly, but the Seekbar continues to move left to right which seems counter intuitive in this instance.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Lyn -- Thanks so much for reaching out here, and while I am not aware of a way to set the seekbar to move from right to left, perhaps others in the community have some ideas they can share to assist. If you'd like to share your ideas with our Product team, here is the form you would need, and you are also welcome to post over in our design-related forum here, for additional input, as well. :)

Bill Kelleher

You could hide the seekbar from the player, and then on each slide create a long rectangle with an entry animation that wipes in from right to left over the amount of time your slide takes. Though that would make it a read-only seekbar, which might then present a case for removing it all together.

Katie Riggio

Hi Mahmoud!

Are you also using Storyline 2? Check out this tutorial on how to enable right-to-left support

Although there isn't a built-in way to have the seekbar run from right to left, I can understand the need and I'm happy to share this feedback with the team. I'll submit this discussion as a feature request on your behalf, so look out for email confirmation about it shortly!