Can Timeline Show Progress Through Slide?

May 01, 2013

Hi.  I've used other animation authoring tools and the general behavior is that when creating an animation you can use the playhead to preview how the animation renders at any given point along the timeline.  For example, if an object is removed from the stage at t=8 seconds, then if you position the playhead at t=9 seconds the preview window will show the object as removed.  This is very helpful when creating complex animations.  It doesn't seem as though Storyline's timeline provides this editing behavior.  Am I missing something?  Is there a way to create an animated slide in Storyline with this type of visual editing support?  (If not, you might want to drop this into your suggestion box.)

Thank you.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Richard,

I'm not sure if this exactly what you're looking for, but it may help. When you're on the slide, you can preview the animations and effects by pressing the space bar. This will "play" out the slide and its content. You can also select a section of the timeline and have it play from that point. 

Alternatively, you can use the "Play" and "Stop" buttons on the timeline:

Richard  Crouse

Hi Christine.  Thank you for the pointer.  That helps a little bit, but whenever you hit the space bar (or the stop button) the preview defaults back to the ending timeline view.  What they need is just one more button to actually "pause" so that you can examine the animation state of a particular point along the line.  Otherwise you have to quickly memorize that instant, or continuously replay it so you can take it all in.  Maybe something for the suggestion jar...

Thank you.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rich,

Correct, but you can mark the points while you're previewing it. 

To add cue points on-the-fly, click the Play button in the lower-left of the timeline, and then press on your keyboard at any point where you want to insert a cue point. This will help you keep track of when an animation takes place. Hopefully this will make it a little easier to figure out the timing of your objects.

I know that's not the same as pausing it, but it may help :)

Also, if you haven't already, you're always welcome to share your feature requests with us. I think more options for the timeline would be pretty awesome! These requests go directly to our development team, so be sure you provide as much information as possible:

Submit a feature request

Thanks again Rich :)


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