Can Triggers Work More than Once?

I am creating a "Try It" scene in my course where the learner can practice working in the program without accidentally messing anything up.  I currently have a trigger in place to show a pop up hint if the user clicks in the wrong place on the screen.  My problem is that if they click in the wrong place a second time, the hint doesn't pop up again.  Is there anyway to make the trigger work every time the user clicks in the wrong spot?



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Trina Rimmer

Hi Hope. Storyline's "Try Mode" gives you the option to add a hint caption when the learner hovers over the correct area and by default it should give you a Try Again feedback pop-up when the learner clicks on the incorrect area. This pop-up is a layer that is automatically generated by Storyline to be triggered whenever the learner clicks anywhere incorrect, but you can customize it with hint text.

To make this "Try Again" layer into more of a hint, simply select the slide layer and then select the text box and type over the default text. So if you wanted the learner to click on the next button, but they clicked elsewhere, your "Try Again" feedback might say something like, "Try looking for the arrow icon in the lower right corner of the screen."

Another idea: you could turn on the "Show hand cursor when hovering hotspots" feature so learners can get a quick visual cue that they've found the right spot. This feature is located under the "Try Mode Options" link when you select Record Screen from the Home or Insert menus. 

If you really just want to support your learners while they're becoming acquainted with the program, another option would be to activate hint captions so the learner sees exactly where to click as they practice. Again, these can be found on the "Try Mode Options" link (see pics).

Try Mode Options
Try Mode Option Settings 

Here's a quick article all about "Try Mode", but feel free to let us know if you have any more questions or if I haven't correctly understood what you're trying to accomplish.