Can we Build in SL360 and publish as an SL2?

We are a very small consultant group that just went to SL360.  However, our very large client has SL2.  Can we develop in SL360 as an SL2 compatible file (with only SL2 features) and Publish as SL2 (becoming an SL2 file format; retaining SL2 features), or would be have to buy/license SL2 for our 5 person design team so as to maintain compatibility with the client's SL2 ?  SL360 upgrade is cost prohibitive to our client. Thank you.

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Kevin Thorn

Hi David,

Unfortunately, SL3/SL360 is not backward compatible to SL2. As with SL2 is not backward compatible to SL1

However, all versions can be upgraded to the next version. Ex: SL1 to SL2, SL1 to SL3, and SL2 to SL3.

I've encountered this before after upgrading where previous clients returned to update existing projects, but they are not on the newest Storyline version.

Best is to maintain an updated version of SL2 for legacy projects. For new clients, build in SL3.

David Fastoon

Can we then simply publish as a SL3 or SL360 file and allow their users to access the content? They will not be UPDATING the content (we can do that).  OR, do they still need to hold a license for each user for SL3/SL360 in order for their users to access  the content (view & take the course)?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Once you publish a course anyone with access to the published output and a web browser can play it (if you're using Web, LMS, AO, or Review as your publish choice). 

Look at uploading to the intended publish environment to ensure a smooth playback! If you need to transfer the files to your client, I'd also recommend using the Zip option on the publish successful window. That'll package files up the correct way and make it easier to share.