Can we build 'objects' in Storyline that communicate with each other?

Nov 13, 2018

For this game, multiple teams (using tablets) will manipulate (the same) data. (this part is easy to achieve in Storyline). This will result in a score. Once they are satisfied, they send their scores and the parameters they used to the instructor.

Ideally the instructor should be able to display team scores and parameters they used on a whiteboard.

I'm thinking the parameters and scores could be set as an essay (with values automatically filled), so that they can be submitted via SCORM to the instructor.

This isn't a 'tidy' solution - the instructor then has to gather the results from the LMS while trying to facilitate a class, and I don't yet know how the results could be presented as a table, for example.

I suppose the question boils down to - Can we build 'objects' in Storyline that communicate with each other? 

Can we use Javascript to write to a course area that we can read from an instructor view - in another storyline 'app'?

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