Can we edit what should happen when Quiz Timer is over?

Hello everyone!

I have multiple question banks (say 4 question banks having 4 questions each) that I use as interim quizzes (for questions that appear in between) after which the course continues. Each question bank contributes to separate point-scores (to be measured separately); so, I used separate results slides to track each question bank separately. These result slides should not be visible when I publish the course. There is one Final Quiz and only final quiz results should be visible at the end. Now here is the twist:

Out of all the 4 interim quizzes, some are time bound quizzes. So, I used the timer feature in the respective (invisible) results slide. However, when the timer ends, a message pops up with an OK button that takes me directly to that unwanted results slide. But I don't want this to happen. I want to continue with the remaining course! Please guide me how do I do that??

Is there a setting that will enable that OK button to just show me the remaining (un-attempted) questions (with the use of Next button), and continue the content slides after that? And not show me that unwanted result slide (because that is not the end of the course!). 

I have seen this happening in one of the videos online. Here's the link to the video: (observe whats there 3 minutes onwards. I want that.) 



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