Can we have a Progress Bar in storyline 360?

Hello All,

I am preparing an e learning Course for my client and their top priority is to have a Progress Bar which turns in to Green Color each time a slide is completed.

Could anyone please guide me in creating the progress bar.

My course is linear and it has an questionnaire at the end. Any inputs on it please. 

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sandeep sainani

Hello Micheal,

I appreciate your response and assistance.

I tried using the downloaded files from the link above, however, they weren't of much significance to my file as I need to display the progress bar either in terms of percentage which has been covered ( setting 5 or 10% per slide) or a kind of a color indication ( green) that a slide has been visited and completed.

I would like to share the file beneath for your reference, could you kindly have a glance and set a progress bar through which I could do the same for many other story files which needs to have precisely the same design /pattern of progress bar.

Would appreciate your help.