Can we have such feature in storyline

Hello Guys,

I am making an module in storyline which consist of quiz in multiple.

I need to have an exit tab at top left corner of the course.

I need to provide a message box if the user click the exit tab. The Exit tab will consist of a message box "Do you really want to exit." and two button 'yes' or 'no'. if 'yes', the user will be redirected to the result page, if 'no' then on the same page.

Is this possible to have such functionality  in storyline.

Thanks in advance.

Shailesh Sharma

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Mike Taylor

Hi Shailesh! There are several ways you could do this. One way would be to create a slide asking if they really want to exit with a yes and no button. You could set a trigger that jumps them to the results slide if the yes button is clicked. And set a trigger that returns them to the previous slide if they click the no button. Once you have this slide created you can add a player tab that links to that slide.

I've attached a simple example. Is this what you have in mind?