Can we link two published courses together in storyline 3?

I am having a large story file (1.4 GB) that suffers from memory problems in saving

I think to divide it into two smaller projects and publish two different CD versions, but can we link them?

Can we make a link in the first one to open the second one and a link in the second one to open the first one?

Actually, storyline performance is very bad with large projects containing many videos even with the last update but I am trying to work around the problem

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ahmed,

I haven't seen a way to link two Storyline projects that were both published for CD, but perhaps the community has a workaround to share with you!

How large are your project files? While we don't place strict limits on your media that you insert in Storyline, you might see a downgrade in performance depending on how well your machine can process large media files.