Can we please get the Emphasis animations from Powerpoint included in SL360

This may already be a thread. But it doesn't hurt to start a new one.

Please, please, please add the Emphasis animations from Powerpoint into SL360. Especially helpful would be the Grow/Shrink function. 

This would be a great tool for teaching and for adding an additional "wow" factor to SL.

Staff, please tell me you will be adding it. Pretty please!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Blaine!

I hear you, and you're not alone! I'll let our product team know this is a sticking point for you. We take customer requests seriously, so thanks for taking the time to reach out!

In the meantime, I've seen other folks achieve something similar by using animated GIFs. I'm not sure if you'd played around with those before, but it might be worth a shot!