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rehan arshad

You should set a button of Retake quiz. when you select it it Would jump to the first quiz slide. Set all quiz slides' properties to "Reset to initial state"

Or you should have a Button saying Restart the course. Set the trigger to Jump to First slide

When you would be moving back using menu items. it would work the same as you are telling. When you would move Using "Jump to slide" it would work as i am saying

Hope this would work

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Anni,

Do you have a Results Slide in your .story? This slide includes a Review button, which allows Learners to review their answers but does NOT reset the score. But you CAN add a Retry button, which DOES reset the score.

There's information on Results Slides here and if you scroll down to Step Number 5 you'll see the steps for adding this button and a helpful screenshot.