Can we see where someone is in the training?

Sep 19, 2022

We will launch an e-learning soon to the public web. So everyone can play our e-learning. 

Is it possible to get information about the completion of the e-learning by a player? E.g.:

- See if someone has finished the e-learning

- See where someone has left the e-learning

- See how long someone did about a module in the e-learning

If you need more info, please let me know!

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Math Notermans

As you do this in Storyline360 ( i presume since this is in the Storyline part ;-) your best bet is the info on this forum.

For Google Sheets this post has the best information.

The ClueLabs widget that is mentioned somewhere in this post does work easy, but has the disadvantage that it is pricey with bigger amounts of data and has several bugs when trying to write a lot of data. Further its very slowed compared to the direct calls to Google and thus prone to disconnection errors.

If you plan on getting a Wordpress server then there is also the option of using Variable Magic from DiscoverElearning.
It works great directly in Wordpress and as you can use public pages in Wordpress you could use that. Makes me question though where Variable Magic writes the data from Storyline as normally it writes those to the users profile.

When using Google and the Google API, the method mentioned here works fine. I however created Google Cloud Functions on my Google account that makes it flawless and easy to capture any call to it.

Using databases involves quite a bit more code and Javascript knowledge. You only need that when creating multiplayer games as a RTDB ( RealTime Database ) is a bit overkill for your needs. However it has advantages, because it automatically ensures backup of data and it is realtime.