Can you add optional slides AFTER a results slide but delay the score being sent?

Here is my scenario:

  1. The user takes a quiz.
  2. When they get to the Results slide, triggers are set up to branch their progress based on passing/failing.
  3. If they fail, they go to the end of the course slide and their score is submitted to the LMS.
  4. If they pass they are sent to a slide where they must click an ungraded button to continue. After that they also go to the end of course slide and their score is submitted.

Is this possible? Would I need to set up an additional Results slide (the end of course slide)? 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Randall, 

As I understand it, the user's current score would always be part of the suspend/resume data sent to the LMS. So if they exit the course before going to the optional post-results slides, the score would still be submitted to the LMS, and the course would be marked as completed (assuming the quiz is being used to track completion). 

However, the  content in the Results can influence whether or not the learner is likely to advance to additional slides. For example, just add a statement that says something like "Click NEXT to complete this course and submit your score."

You could also redesign the Results slide so it doesn't show the results. Then steer them to the appropriate follow-up slides from the Failure or Success layer. You could tell them their score at the end by inserting those variable references.