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Bill Harnage

Animation capabilities are quite limited right now to just the ones available, unless want to do non-tween key frame animation.

But, what you could do - I haven't tested this yet, just an idea - is add/change the state of the object once dropped.

  • First you'll need to edit the states of the object.  Click the object and go to the states tab in the timeline.  You can create a new "Dropped" state and edit how you want.
  • Next, you'll need to create a trigger to change the state when it's dropped.



David Anderson

Hi Kevin,

Using Storyline's triggers and drag/drop states, you can evaluate when an object is dropped on a correct or incorrect target.

Here's an example of a correct drop targeting a slide layer animation to create visual feedback. And here's a good overview of how drop states work.

If you can provide a little more info around what you're trying to do, I'm sure we can help with more personalized examples.