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Virginia Wilkinson

This mirrors a question I have on the forum and helps a lot.  However, one more little piece to the puzzle.  Is there a way to make the 'Retry Quiz' button disappear or be disabled when user comes through with 3rd failure so they are not offered another retry but immediately see a screen that says 'strike 3, you're out' -- in a nice, civil way, of course!  If so, how do I accomplish?


Mike Enders


Yes there is!  But the teacher in me (you can take the boy out of the classroom) must first ask you to type out what you want to have happen.  In other words, "speak" it first. The key to Storyline is learning to express it's possibilities in common language.   Once you understand the underlying logic, you'll be doing crazy cool things!

Use these Cues that correspond with the triggers:

ACTION  (Change the state of)

TARGET (Retry Quiz Button) 




You do the final three and while you're doing that, I'll mock up an example.


Darren D

This is great stuff guys, thanks for sharing!

Quick question, if this quiz is going onto a LMS where multiple users access it, will the "3rd time trigger" reset for each individual who will access the course?

In other words, if I have 10 users who need to take this, and user 1 fails 3 times and gets booted, will user 2 then be unable to take the quiz because it has already been accessed 3 times, or is SL already able to know a different user has accessed the same course?
Could be a LMS issue instead but thought I'd ask.