Can you edit the Review Quiz feedback Slides in Storyline 2?

Oct 12, 2017


I recently developed s template for my peers to use that has an interaction in which the user must fill in the blank. It was brought to my attention after the user completes the course and clicks the Review Quiz button, when they review the slide that has the fill in the blank, there is an Extra Large Text that displays in addition to phantom text that should not be on the slide at all. I searched all slides and master slides and could not find a way to edit that Review Quiz pages.




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Alyssa Gomez

Sorry you ran into that, Daniel. There's a problem in Storyline 2 where a fill-in-the-blank's list of "Acceptable Answers" are incorrectly displayed when you're using a high resolution slide size. Our team is monitoring this bug for impact and prioritization, and I'll be sure to add your experience to the report.

To get around the issue, I would recommend decreasing the slide width to somewhere between 700-900 pixels, and maintain the aspect ratio. All of your slide objects should scale down to fit, so you shouldn't need to do much tweaking to the design.

Again, I apologize that this is causing you headaches--we'll keep you posted on any updates we receive!

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