Can you export a screen recording as a video?

Jul 08, 2013

I have been playing with Storyline's screen recording features and really like them. Until now, I've been using Camtasia, and still like using it for all it's features, including new chroma key function. I'm finding Storyline's recording to be a little smoother, easier to use and delivering a little better results than Camtasia, but still want to use Camtasia for my editing and publishing.

Is it possible to export a screen recording done in Storyline to a video format so that I can import it into Camtasia? In looking in the publish folders, I see it's all .flv files, but is it possible to export them into a .mov, f4v, wmv or any other movie file type?



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Rebekah Brownson

Hi, I looked at the guides on how to export a screen recording. I am using Storyline 2. It says to Right click on the preview, click export. When I get the preview, and right click, there is no dropdown menu for me to export it.

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