Can you fade in a state change?

Aug 20, 2013

I love the ability to have characters with multiple states. And thanks to the help I got on my last posted question I am good at making them move from state to state.

The problem though is that the state transitions are somewhat abrupt. 

I have tried adding a fade in animation, but that seems to apply to the object rather than the state. So the fade in happens when the object arrives at first but then snaps from one state to the next.

Any suggestions as to how I can make this smoother?



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Mike Enders

Hi Alan!

I've been playing around with this (I was curious too!).  It appears that if you apply an animation effect to a built-in character state that you've added, it won't animate. 

However, if you create a custom state, you can apply an animation effect to the objects in that state.

So that might be a starting point for exploration.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Alan and Mike,

Just wanted to point out a Superhero Phil Mayor tweak:

You can use the built-in states, but you need to

  • apply the animation to the state
  • then cut it
  • then paste it back in.

AND, if you go back into the state afterward to double-check, the animated state won't show in the animation menu, but it will be there.

I put this tog. really quickly using a built-in template, and apparently because of the way the image of the character was cropped (I didn't make any changes to it, just added states) it actually does a fair amount of flashing when on the animated fade state comes in. But it's late and I need to quit. This at least gives you the idea.

The first slide simply has the state changes

The second slide has them with a fade-in for the built-in states.

Vincent Scoma

Hey Leah,

At the moment, the best workflow to apply an animation to a state is to:

Add an object >> Create a new state >> Edit the state>> Cut the object >> Paste the object >> Then animate that object inside the state. 

Our teammate Cyrstal made a great Peek 360 video showcasing this workflow that Rebecca mentioned above: State Animation Trick

If you need any help with this setup, please let us know! 

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