Can you generate guides in PDF form depending on the users answers?

Hello community!

I have been asked the possibility of generating guides in PDF form, based on what people answer in their quiz.
On top of my head I think it's possible in AS 360 but I'd like you guys input if it's actually possible.

My initial thought as following:

There will probably be 8 multiple choice questions, where in this case the choice options are numbers.
Each number will have a pdf attached to it relevant to the score. 

Since there can be a lot of combinations I'd expect it to take some time to attach each pdf to each number.
When they answer the last question, instead of the typical result screen, I'd like there to be a customized text + a pdf based on all the answers. 
E.g. if user 1 answered 1 on all the questions, that person would get x-pdf. If another user answered 1 on all question except for the last, where that person would answer 2, the person would get almost similary to x-pdf but slightly different. For this sake lets call it x2. 

Is that overestimating Articulate Storyline 360's capabilities or is fully possible?

Best regards
Dan Pham 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dan,

I think you could do it if you used some of the same concepts here on creating a "personality test".  Essentially you'd use those "categories" to determine a specific layer on your results slide and have your PDFs linked solely on that layer. 

Hope that helps get you started - and curious to hear what you come up with!